In Mandarin recently, we have been celebrating and learning all about the Dragon Boat Festival (Duān wǔ jié) and we even held our own Dragon Boat Race!

The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated each year in either May or June, depending on the Chinese Lunar Calendar and is in memory of the Chinese poet Qu Yuan. Students have been exploring the traditions that you might see during this festival which include eating delicious sticky rice dumplings (Zòng zi), watching Dragon Boats race on the river, and trying to balance eggs on their end for good luck! In class, students participated in several games to learn about these traditions, as well as used their creativity in making their own Dragon Boats, Zòng zi and a beautiful dragon collage.

In Year 1, we were fortunate to hold our own Dragon Boat Festival activity together, with the help of one of our fantastic Year 1 parents. Students deepened their knowledge of the Dragon Boat festival through hearing more of the stories and traditions of this festival, as well as seeing a demonstration of how to wrap the special rice dumplings. We then combined the traditional activities of the Dragon Boat race and egg balancing for good luck with our own ‘Dragon Boat Race’ outside in our House teams. This time, it was Veivers who won the Dragon Boat race but it was a fantastic effort by all teams. It was great to hear all the students cheering Jiā yóu (Come On!) to support their teams.

端午节快乐 – Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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