Ever wanted to see an explosion? Science class is not enough? Well... On Week 7 - Thursday B the Science Club enjoyed a range of fun experiments that everyone participated in including the classic elephant toothpaste experiment!

The Year 10 Griffith STEM ambassadors (Mia Huang and Joselene Chen) took the lead this week assisted by the Year 9 Griffith STEM ambassadors (Natalie Mai and Athena Agnew). We demonstrated engaging experiments allowing young scientists to learn more about different chemical reactions, such as the reaction between hydrochloric acid and magnesium that leads to a combustion reaction and produces an exhilarating explosion. We also discovered that a cube of potato could also aid in the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide but what we were more amazed about is the enzyme in the liver – (yes, we used fresh chicken liver from Woolworths!) is a better catalyst.

After the demonstration, the scientists had fun working together with the help of our Year 12s to experience to create their own elephant’s toothpaste using yeast as a catalyst. The lab was filled with noise as the scientists recreate their own mini explosions of combustion reaction. At the end of the session, we were left with new learning opportunities while having the most fun ever.

Science Club is not just for crazy mad scientists, anyone can come along to enjoy the fabulous opportunities that the normal class is unable to provide. This also a perfect platform for those who wanted to develop leadership skills and improve scientific literacy. Also, it’s a great way to make friends with people across all grade levels. No assignments, not write ups, just fun.

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