Throughout the past two weeks, I was given the remarkable opportunity to participate in the Oxbridge Academics Program at the prestigious University of Cambridge. Through my passion for various fields in engineering, this journey has not only expanded my knowledge but also fuelled my determination to pursue engineering as a career.

From the beginning, it was evident that I was going to be surrounded by amazing people and facilities. For me, it was a dream come true – a chance to learn from experts and be inspired by the different aspects of engineering. Throughout my course at Cambridge, various fields of engineering were taught, the main ones being Aeronautical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Within Aeronautical Engineering, I had the privilege to immerse myself in the mind-blowing engineering of historical aviation. As a class, we were able to visit the Imperial War Museum which allowed me to witness engineering marvels such as the Concorde, the world’s fastest commercial aeroplane, and the Blackbird SR-71, an awe-inspiring jet-engine aircraft that holds records for its altitude at 26km and the mind-boggling top speed of Mach 3.3. Standing in their presence filled me with admiration, however, it was the engaging discussions of the engineering behind these machines both at the museum and the back in our classroom which truly was fascinating. These conversations around the applications of complex engineering components sparked my curiosity and enriched my understanding of aeronautical systems.

During my studies in Mechanical Engineering, I embraced the challenge of constructing a wooden bridge. The process of creating and testing the bridge until failure, as well as analysing those failure modes and the forces which act upon the bridge was very enjoyable. I learned lessons about overcoming engineering challenges and the importance of embracing failure as a means to improve. I found myself captivated by discussions on bridge types and their mechanisms, gaining an understanding of how engineering concepts shape tangible structures.

In my exploration of electrical engineering, I had an exhilarating opportunity to design a robot with self-driving capabilities. My previous knowledge of Digital Design helped me in designing the robot and creating and optimising the code used to control the robot. Through coding and persistent effort, I was able to create a competitive robot which was then on the last day competed to see who’s robot was the fastest around a track. In the competition, I was able to achieve a close second place after losing in the grand finals.

Looking back at my two weeks at the University of Cambridge, I realise that this incredible opportunity has truly been transformative for me and has broadened my perspective and insights on Engineering. In my experience, I have witnessed firsthand, how human ingenuity shapes our world. As I confidently pursue my aspiration of becoming a Mechanical Engineer specialising in Formula 1 Motorsports, I carry with me the knowledge, encounters, and inspiration gained during my time at the University of Cambridge.

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