Somerset College Years 5, 6 and 7 came away from the A.B. Paterson Gold Coast Public Speaking Competition last week, with the Winner’s Trophy for the fifth year in a row. Following speeches given in class, optional presentation at the Somerset Junior School Public Speaking Evening and then selection for the A.B. Paterson Competition, our students were well-rehearsed and presented their speeches with information, interest and humour. 

Particular commendations go to: 

Year 5 Finalists

  • Angela Sun
  • Ishan Chauhan
  • Abhilasha Sarmah (1st) 
  • Lily Allen (3rd)
  • James Chirathivat-Geralds

Year 6 Finalists

  • Peggy Webber
  • Arya Denzongpa-Bathols (2nd) 
  • Aidan Brinkworth (3rd) 

Year 7 Finalists 

  • Abhiraj Sarmah (1st)
  • Zoey Teng
  • William Pluss (3rd) 
  • Raye FengXu

All Somerset students contributed to this wonderful result while at the same time developing their very important public speaking skills.

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