All Somerset teams who entered Football Queensland's School Fustal Regional Championships have advanced to States after making their grand finals.

Under 19 Girls

Our Under 19 Girls were placed in a group with King's Christian College, Pimpama State High and Helensvale State High. Our first match we played King's. Students from both teams are good friends who play club football together but on the futsal court they were rivals for 40 minutes. 

Somerset won by a difference of one goal, to gain a good start for the day. Two wins followed and the team became the group winner putting them in a favourable position to reach the grand final. And so they did! 

In the final they faced the same opponent as their first, King's. This time our Spartans started strong and scored six goals in the first half! In the second half King's tried to come back in the game. but our Spartans did not let this happen. The 19 Girls were crowned as 2024 Regional Champions!

Congratulations Ari Thake, Zara Ryan, Georgie Zerbst, Natalia Zotti, Emily Nickels, Sophia O’Leary and Livi Budd

- Maarten de Kruijf, Head of Football and Futsal

Under 15 Girls

Coming into this regional tournament we were missing four of our key players. However, I am super proud of my team's performance. 

We started off the tournament by winning our first game against Pimpama State School 4 to 3. The next game was King's Christian College which we knew would be tough. Unfortunately, we lost 7 to 2.

Thankfully we won our next two games, Calvary Christian College 6 to 1 and Livingstone Christian College 5 to 2. Winning 3 out of 4 of our games, qualified us for the grand final and the upcoming State Championships.

It was a tough grand final, we were down 10 to 3 for a majority of the match. However, we managed to score four more in the final three minutes! With a 10 to 7 score, we took second place against King's Christian College but we have qualified for the Queensland School Futsal Championships.

Thank you to Coach Maarten for your effort and support in leading us through this tournament. Our team enjoyed representing Somerset College at this regional tournament.

Ruby Zerbst, Ruby Mackintosh, Ellie Davies, Natalia Zotti, Olive Monaghan, Miranda Ross and Alex Kilmartin

- Natalia Zotti, Year 10 Veivers

Under 15 Boys

The Under 15 Boys competed in the Football Queensland School Futsal Titles at Coomera's indoor centre. Playing in a regional pool of five teams, the boys faced some quality opposition. 

Their first game against Pimpama was a tough test, a very organised team in which the boys had to constantly battle to gain the advantage. A fantastic performance gave the boys their first win of the tournament. The team then moved to play Calvary but despite previous success in tournaments and quality players throughout, this was a great test for the boys. With some individual brilliance, the boys managed a second win. Arguably the toughest game of the tournament and a real decider to progress to the state titles, the side then faced a very athletic and physical Livingston. Holding on and matching the high intensity, a draw was a fair result. 

Finally, to confirm tournament progression the Under 15 Boys played King's, a team they rarely get results against. The boys managed an extremely impressive performance drawing 5-all. With that result, both teams met again in the final but unfortunately, through fatigue and an honest reflection on King's, lost the Grand Final finishing second.

As Coach, I could not be more proud of the boys and their efforts; I was extremely impressed. They all showed heart, passion, and great skill to progress to the State Titles. Well done to all.

Congratulations to Caspar Crampton, Will Bittar, Jacob Kellij, Eli Dirckze, Zac Marshall, Nash Kennedy, Max Hudson, Mila Oldfield and Liam Seymour.

- Jonathon Pritchard, Coach

Under 13 Boys

The Under 13 Boys Somerset Futsal team, comprised of talented boys who showcased remarkable skill and determination throughout their journey to the grand final. With each match, they demonstrated not only their prowess on the field but also their unwavering teamwork and indomitable spirit. Their path to the final was marked by victories over formidable opponents, whom they conquered with apparent ease. Every goal scored was a testament to their collaborative efforts and strategic play. However, beyond the scores, what truly set them apart was their sportsmanship. In victory, they remained humble, extending hands of sportsmanship to their opponents, offering support and encouragement. Even in moments of defeat, they displayed resilience, never allowing setbacks to dampen their spirits.

As they reached the grand final, their journey was not just about winning trophies but about forging bonds, learning valuable lessons, and growing as individuals and as a team. Each member contributed not only their skills but also their heart and determination, creating a legacy of excellence that will be remembered for years to come. Their commitment to fair play and camaraderie exemplified the true essence of sportsmanship. Through their triumphs and challenges, they inspired not only their peers but also the community, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and demonstrating that success is not just measured in wins but in the character and resilience shown along the way.

Congratulations Mila Oldfield, Liam Seymour, Zhander Griffiths, Harper Loon, Connor Millar-Martin, Paxton Stewart, Benedict Thompson, Izaak Barclay and James Baumfield.

- Mila Oldfield, Year 7 Veivers

Under 13 Girls

Our Under 13 Girls team was only required to play one match, with few registered players in their age division. The girls versed King's Christian College. 

Our Somerset U13 Futsal team is an extremely talented young team. Having students from Under 11 and Under 12 playing in the side meant we faced opposition who had a full team of 13 year olds. Due to the difference in physicality, our Spartans were not able to get in the game and ended being defeated by King's.

Well done, Bronte Butler, Olive Monaghan, Audrey Hilbert, Imogen Sounness, Mayuko Takahata, Robin Wang and Edith Hilbert.

- Maarten de Kruijf, Head of Football and Futsal

The FQ School Futsal State Championships are taking place on 19, 20 and 21 of June at Nissan Arena. We to see many or our parents and supports in Brisbane to cheer up our Futsal Spartans.

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