Congratulations, exams are over and we are nearing our well-deserved summer holidays. We are delighted to see so many students across all years achieve their academic goals this year.

For those who did not quite manage to suffice to all their goals, don’t worry. This is a learning experience, and by strategising for improvement, you can all achieve high success. We highly encourage everyone to take the time to reflect on how you have applied yourself this year, and what changes you could implement to improve your studies in years to come. What did you do well? What went wrong? What did you enjoy about your learning? What steps can you make to create a more productive learning environment?

Holidays are only a couple weeks away! Make sure you take time to relax and rejuvenate after a long year of hard work. Spend time with your friends and family. Christmas is right around the corner! Make sure to buy your loved ones well thought out and heartfelt presents. This is a time to enjoy yourself and make long lasting memories.

Although you should focus on revitalising during this two-month break, you should also use your time to get a head-start on next year’s subject matter. Don’t leave any homework to the last minute! This will cause unnecessary stress, which is never an enjoyable way to end your break.

For Years 7 to 10: Make sure to check Schoolbox for any assigned work or holiday reading.
For students entering Year 10: Start working on your Personal Project now! This will alleviate so much stress from the busy year that lies ahead.
For students entering Year 12: You are about to begin your final year of high school! It is important that you complete all of your assigned holiday work and study for the assessments approaching fast in Term One. Let’s start our final year on a high note!

To the graduating Class of 2021, congratulations! You have just finished your final external assessments, marking the end of your schooling journey! Thank you all for being fantastic leaders and role-models for the entire school. Make sure to take a well-deserved break before embarking on your next adventure. Good luck!

Finally, a huge thank you to Roy and Momoe. We are honoured to take on this role. Your diligence will be so difficult to match. We cannot wait to see all the places you will go.

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