At Science Committee we explore all three major realms of Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics (along with some engineering from time to time). The Science Committee is a great place to fuel your curiosity for how this world works.

We explore the aspects of these sciences through a fun and interactive lesson, allowing students from younger years to enjoy scientific experiments while learning some things along the way. For the Seniors, we do experiments that we do not normally do in class or experiments that you might have difficulties to do at home.

This year our vision for Science Committee is to create a more interconnected environment, not just within the different years of the Senior School, but with the Junior School as well. We are achieving this connection through programmes such as the Young Scientists every Wednesday from 12.00noon to 12.30pm and the upcoming Science Week. We hope to create a more fluid bridge for the transition from Junior School sciences to Senior School sciences.

This term, we started our Young Scientist programme and have demonstrated acid and base experiments run by Jared Crowley and his group of Science Committee members for the Year 4 classes. It is wonderful to see how the Juniors are all in awe when we added in ‘Magic Potions' (universal indicators) into the solution to see it magically changing into vibrant colours. Having seen a demonstration by Jared’s group, the members of the Science Committee helped the Year 4s conduct their own versions of the demonstration.

It was a great opportunity for the Seniors to bond with the Juniors through science and it was good to see the seniors of the Science Committee helping and teaching the Juniors the wonders of science. Our next activity which will be run by Nick Tan’s group will be all about the forces in action!...

Fuelling Curiousity at the Science Committee

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