Our Pre-Prep classrooms were filled with Teddy Bears of each shape and size, eagerly anticipating the Teddy Bear’s Picnic in Week 6. Pre-Prep friends had been planning the picnics from the menu and seating arrangements to the choice of songs they would sing to entertain guests.

Working together as a team, counting chairs at each table, writing invitations and introducing our bears-there was so much to do. We were lucky to be joined by so many family members for our special events. Mrs Bassingthwaighte and Ms Collie also joined us with their Teddy Bears for the celebration.

After a Teddy Bear story, some dancing with Mums and Dads, honey bear sandwiches and other yummy treats, it was time for the tired Teddy Bears to head home. So much fun!

Watch here our video A Day in the Life of Pre-Prep here!

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