Our Junior Futsal teams competed in the AFA School Futsal Titles in May and have qualified for the Champion of Champions!

Under 10 Girls

From the beginning I undoubtedly knew I had an energetic group, the girls thrived in the tournament setting making it known early they were the team to beat. They improved as each game passed, progressing to what I'd say was their most impressive performances in the knockout games. 

Where great passages of play became more consistent against battling opponents, each player did their part to be crowned at the end of the day, and all had their fair share of star moments. 

Seven wins with no losses; they can all be proud for a great day and be excited for what's to come.

Congratulations; Annie Talbot, Sunny Toomey, Lucinda Sounness, Charlie Anniss, Aneka Mitchell, Isabella Jennings and Scarlett Hasselle.

 - Written by Coach Ryan

Under 11 Girls

The Girls had six school teams in their division, which were St Andrews, Hillcrest, Assisi, Kings Pimpama and LORDS. Our girls played five games in the preliminary stage with only 20 minutes short breaks between each game, and they did a great by winning four games with a draw against St Andrews, our girls finished the group stage as the winner!

In the final knock out game, we played St Andrews again. Our team was leading the game in the first half by scoring a very early goal. However, St Andrews didn't give up and managed to score a good goal at the beginning of the second half. 

When the whistle was blown for the full time, the scoreboard showed us 1-all. The game went into extra time with a Golden Goal rule. Which means, the first team who scores a goal will win the game. It was an extremely intensive 10 minutes as both teams had good opportunities. In the extra time, no team could score a goal. So, we went into the Penalty Shoot-out! Our amazing keeper Emma stopped one of the shots and scored one of the penalties! The penalties resulted in 5 to 4 to the Spartans!

Well done: Alex Lee, Edith Hilbert, Chloe Li, Indy Toomy, Robin Wang, Gabby Steenackers, Poppy Tribe and Emma Codner

- Written by Coach Sean

Under 12 Girls

The Girls ended the morning, second in their group, enough to progress into the knockout stage. 

In our semi finals we faced the winner of the other Under 12 group. We started nervous, but after a few minutes we got into our flow, took the lead, and didn’t gave it away! 

In the grand final we faced King's Pimpama after King's defeated us in the group stage. Our Spartans were ready and the first half was very tight with only one goal's difference. The second half went to the opponent and Somerset could not get back in the game. 

The runners up medal was awarded to the girls and is something they can be proud of!

Well done; Bronte Butler, Mayuko Takahata, Arianna Reading, Audrey Hilbert, Luella Zerbst, Imogen Sounness, Emily Barry, Maddi Coakley and Sienna Tribe.

- Written by Coach Maarten

Under 9 Boys

Our Under 9 teams had a great day! With our teams finishing first and second in their respective pools to both qualify for the Champion of Champions next term and to make it into finals that afternoon. 

Our teams ended up facing each other in the semi-final, which was an exciting Somerset clash.

Well done to Tias Thou, James Mitchell, Axel Wilson, Xavier Sanders, Harley WIlson, Harlan Un and Israel Lang for making it all the way to the semifinals.

Congratulations to Jack Dew, Aksel Pitura, Presley Madden, Ollie Hilbert, Harry Cordner, Padra Moshtagh and Ollie Sharples for going onto to grand final, claiming the title of Under 9.

- Written by Coach Keita

Under 10 Boys

The boys all added their unique strengths towards the collective goal of the team's success. In what was once an attribute they required improvement, they were physical when needed and shorter games meant they had to be settled in decisive moments. They had no issue emptying the tank for the finals, my instructions for the final games were to be themselves. We have classy technicians, dependable work horses, star fill-in keepers and pressing machines. 7 Wins, 0 Losses. Well done boys, keep doing what you're doing.

Congratulations: Edmund Lee, Zac Sanders, Denham Barry, Hunter Sharples, Sam Thompson, Thomas Chudzinski, Leo Chen and Hugh Adams.

- Written by Coach Ryan

Under 11 Boys

Both Under 11 teams elected to enter AFA School Futsal Titles began the tournament on a positive note with impressive first round wins.

Counterattacking futsal proved effective on court, with a plethora of goals coming off the back of some resilient Somerset defence. A spectacular header from Johnny Ratcliffe sealed a 3-all draw with LORDS College and ensured the white team would go on to top their group. A gritty performance from the Green also saw them make it out of the group stage and into the quarter finals.

However, despite their stellar performances in the group stage, both teams faced a tough challenge in the quarterfinals. The matches were closely contested, with both teams giving their all on the court. Despite their best efforts, the Under 11 Whites’ fell short of victory, experiencing a defeat to eventual finalist’s Assisi Catholic College. Furthermore, a quarter final loss also brought an end to the green team’s tournament.

The tournament provided valuable learning opportunities for all players and highlighted the growth of Futsal in the South Coast region. Well, done to all involved.

Under 11 White

Jakub Pitura, Sion Kim, Sebastian Hall, Kai Edgely, Knox Black, Ethan Kelly-Correa, Louis Hodge, and Johnny Ratcliffe

Under 11 Green

Jad Al-Freah, Ruben Burke, Patrick Exner, Rafferty Ducker, Levi Wilson, Brayden Merricks, Jesse Kim and Abhiveer Gupta

- Written by Coach Kydra

Under 12 Boys

The Under 12s has built up a reputation as being the only team that has qualified for three years in a row for the last stage of the futsal titles. This year, we entered two teams and both progressed to the knockout stages finishing first and second in their pools! 

With two tough games in the quarter finals, unfortunately we got knocked out and were unable to progress to the next stage. 

A very competitive tournament allowed the players to gain a great experience. The boys will bounce back with having some of the boys playing later this year the FQ School Futsal Championships and the Queensland School Futsal Cup.

Under 12 White

Harper Loon, Zhander Griffiths, Connor Millar-Martin, Bendict Thompson, Paxto Stewart, Oliver Ng and Izaak Barclay

James Baumfield, Edward Hassett, Hugo Hasselle, Danny Wang, Vaughan Furlong, Henry Pevy and Josh Thompson

- Written by Coach Jonathon

Next Stage

By entering the futsal titles with a total of 7 age categories, we are proud with having a total of 5 age categories qualified for the next stage. The Champion of Champion is taking place at Nissan Arena.
- Boys on Monday July 8
- Girls on Monday July 15

We hope to see you all in Brisbane to cheer up our Spartans!

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