For the final time this year, the Somerset red, orange, and green ball team made their way to KDV Sport to compete in the Future Stars Gala Day on Sunday, the 7th of November. This was the final event of the Future Stars series and was set to be a competitive day full of tennis. 

Ailin Zhao and Evie Wilson lead the charge for our Spartans, representing Somerset in the Green Ball division. Being the toughest division, the girls yet again displayed some great doubles and teamwork skills, competing against some of the best green ball players on the Gold Coast. A great experience for our Spartans.

Having the youngest team in the Red Ball division, proved to be no problem for our young guns! Students Taya Liu, Flynn Ladbrook, Ava Johnson, and Dylan Kingston, Evie Kingston and Anya Woodthorpe displayed some great points, with parents commending players and parents for their great sportsmanship at their young age. This proved to be the case, with Dylan Kingston winning the Sportsmanship medal. A great way to start our younger Spartans' tennis career!

To round out the day, we had the Orange Ball division, which has been a successful area for our Spartans during 2021. Not only did our students win 22 out of their 25 doubles matches, but they were also able to clinch the Orange Ball division for 2021! Students Audrey Hilbert, Liam Seymour, Sam Hosking and Emma Zhu were awarded with medals and the Orange Ball Shield, with Audrey Hilbert also winning the Sportsmanship medal. A great way to finish off a great year of Orange Ball tennis! 

Thank you to all our Somerset Parents for helping make this event possible, and to Michael Mitchell from KDV sport, who has been able to put this event together. We look forward to producing some more great results in the coming years!

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