The 2021-22 season was a roller-coaster of emotions for our Spartan triathletes. We started back in July with a few courageous athletes racing the cold and windy Toowoomba Duathlon. A few months later the squad had already doubled in numbers with the inclusion of the Junior School programme, Years 4 to 6. 

The new generation of triathletes attentively observed our best Spartans qualify for the State Championships and come back from Hervey Bay with amazing results and qualifications for Nationals. We sadly watched some of our triathletes go and happily welcomed newcomers, always grateful for the opportunity to share each step of the triathlon journey.

The first weekend of April is traditionally crowned by the Gold Coast Triathlon. This year, the race went back to the Broadwater Parklands venue, giving the athletes a taste of one of the most famous triathlon racecourses in Australia. We had a mix of athletes, staff, and parents racing, as well as friends of Somerset who have joined our squad. The latest challenges faced by everyone at Somerset did not spare our triathletes with many watching from home. The decreased number at the race, did not impact the outstanding performances with our Juniors dominating Day 1 of competition and a handful of podiums on Day 2.

If you have the endurance blood running through your veins do not hesitate and join us in Term Two. Our triathletes are already training for the 22-23 Season with some participating at the Byron Bay Triathlon on May 7. Stay tuned to Somerset Spartan’s Instagram for the Byron footage. Below are some of the best images from the Gold Coast Triathlon. 

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