The Year 5 gold rush experience was amazing! We were greeted by a trooper (a police officer on horseback), and he sent us down to a station where a lady stole Evie Ladbrook’s tomatoes! There were so many fun activities to do, such as, panning for gold, roleplaying, tent making, bargaining at the general store, and searching for bush rangers. As we were walking around, we saw bakeries, tents and more with some of our names on them!

We went to a general store and were haggling and bargaining for cheap prices. Some were shopkeepers, and some were customers, then we took turns. We used shillings and pounds for selling gold, and the general store items. 6 people got chosen to make some damper and got covered in flour by Mischievous Mishelly! They served the damper after 45 minutes, with golden syrup. It was delicious! We did tent-making in groups of six to eight people. It was a race to make our tents and put them up. Straight after tent-making, we were searching for bush rangers and there were clues around the whole campus as in red letters scattered around, and you would find 6 then guess the bush ranger that your group got.

Everyone had so much fun on this gold rush excursion. The Year 5s next year will have so much fun time on this excursion!

Watch more from the Gold Rush in Episode 3 of Somerset Stream.

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