A moment in time creates memories for life.

The 32nd House Plays Festival showcased the acting, directing and technical prowess of our students.

A student-driven festival, it is a frantic race to performance week, with the expectation on the directors to select or write a script, cast their play, construct a rehearsal schedule, run rehearsals, design their set and costumes, source props, plot their technology and then (of course) perform to the wider College community. This is a challenge at the best of times, add in a global pandemic and the floods, and it seemed a near impossibility. But not for our House Plays company.

These 110 determined individuals made sure their festival ran against any obstacle that reared its head. They worked through last minute re casting, directors stepping into role, characters being written out of scripts during show week and rerouting dress and technical rehearsals. Everyone kept finding a way forward, and the show did go on. And may I say, what a show it was! For many participants, House Plays Festival is one of the highlights of their year. Collaborating, problem solving, playing, thinking critically and creatively, all while displaying an incredible amount of resilience. To all the House Plays participants of 2022, we are so very proud of you all. The sense of camaraderie throughout the evening performances was a joy to witness, and for our Year 12s who tread the House Plays boards for the last time, this spirit is the legacy that you pass down to the junior members of the casts. The future of House Plays burns bright.

Ellen Bailey, our wonderfully caring adjudicator spent time talking to our performers, offering shout outs for magic moments, and encouraging all our performers to continue to explore their love of the stage. In Ellen’s words, “It was an absolute thrill to witness such strong creative minds at work and play. I wish them all my best and prosperity moving ahead this year and well into their creative ventures. I was still thinking about all the incredible material they showcased WELL into my weekend.”

Results of the House Plays Festival 

Outstanding Actor Awards
  • Benji Liu
  • River Teixeira
  • Heidi Hoffman
  • Ava McCarthy
  • Tarang Kondamudi

Adjudicators Award

  • The 10 Directors, ‘‘for captaining their ships through rough seas”.

House Spirit Award

  • Andrews House

The Winner of the 2022 House Plays Festival 

  • Laver House: Odin, Zeus, and the End of the World, written by Laver Director Amaani Bhasin and co-directed by Ethan Robinson.

Congratulations to the House Plays Festival Company of 2022. See you next year!

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