Year 2 friends have been busy inquiring into 'Living Things Grow and Change'; exploring the characteristics of plants and animals, how they change through the stages of their lifecycles and the ways in which they adapt to survive in their environments.

You will find sunflowers growing in a variety of places when you visit Year 2, whilst the students are completing a science experiment that is observing where the best place is to grow sunflowers. Children have also been putting their research skills into practise by collecting information about their chosen animals and plants and inquiring into their lifecycles and adaptations. They are extremely excited to present these to the class – being communicators and sharing their knowledge!

Children have welcomed two special incursions which proved to be positive provocations during the inquiry. Oceanlife provided the students the chance to get up close and personal with a baby shark, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and sea stars and learn about life cycles of creatures in the sea. Wildlife Warriors was a wonderful experience to spark the discussion of the way animals adapt in their environments. Students were risk-takers when holding a python and they were also given the opportunity to meet a squirrel glider, tawny frog mouth, crocodile, blue tongue lizard and a long neck turtle.

It has been encouraging to see students taking action in a variety of ways; completing science experiments of their own, bringing in books to share, discovering new creatures at lunch play times, making nature clubs, creating posters, and completing student led nature art.

What a joy it is to learn in so many ways about this wonderous world we live in.

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