As teachers we are accustomed to giving out ticks, so it was nice to start the year receiving one ourselves. The IB (International Baccalaureate) is an international education foundation with high standards.

At Somerset, we offer three of their programmes (the PYP, the MYP, and the Diploma Programme). In order to maintain those standards, schools delivering these programmes are evaluated on a five-yearly cycle.

Our Diploma Programme underwent one of these evaluations at the end of last year. The IB report on the three overall Standards (Philosophy, Organisation and Curriculum). Each standard has a number of Practices and each of these is reported upon.

What the IB say about Somerset is that we are living up to our College Mission Statement, confirming that we are indeed, "developing engaged global citizens, aspiring to excellence, demonstrating integrity and valuing difference".

Our College IB Diploma curriculum was particularly praised, and I think that this serves as a fitting testimony to the dedication and skill of our IB Diploma teachers, in particular.

This very positive feedback is also a reflection of the College’s commitment to maintaining the Diploma as a feature of our academic landscape – and thanks must go to Mr Craig Bassingthwaighte and the College Board for their continued support of the Diploma.

This comes on the back of the very good results that the IBDP cohort received last year which, in effect, serve as the main confirmation to me that we deliver a great Diploma here at Somerset. If you would like to know more about the IB Diploma, please feel free to contact me:

Or check out the “Somerset Guide to the Diploma” on Schoolbox.

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