For the first time Somerset Parents' and Friends' Association hosted the inaugural Celebration of Fatherhood on a clear and warm Saturday, 10 September.

A fantastic turn-out of more than 80 fathers and 130 children registered, with approximately 60 mums joining as well.

Our Deputy Headmaster, Mr Nicholas Brice, was the MC for the day and beautiful weather was in our favour. Percy the musician was fabulous as he set the carnival tone from the outset and this was supported by children’s entertainers Sparky Doodah and Wonder Woman who helped with creating amazing balloon sculptures. Somerset Football coach Maarten de Kruijf is also to be thanked for organising the father versus child matches, as these were well attended and very much enjoyed. But, the ‘hit’ of the day was the interhouse Tug-o-War where Andrews were the inaugural winners.

Sincere thanks are extended to Dr Bob Bourke (ESI Eye Specialist Institute) who sponsored the musician, photographer and the sound, and Imra Smith (Wings Real Estate) who sponsored the children’s entertainer.

Following the event, a father of the College stated that “It was a heartfelt event which was supportive of the Somerset community and further enhanced the wonderful culture”. 

Consequently, congratulations are extended to Sonam Dezongpa-Bathols (President of the P&F) for creating this unique initiative and to all of the P&F team who fashioned and supported the event both on the day and in the weeks leading up. 

We look forward to this becoming an annual event and celebrating once again next year!

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