Somerset Spartans Football and Futsal organised several lunchtime competitions this year. Please read below the trophy winners from our Lunchtime activities 2022.

The Inter-House Futsal Competitions

With the fast-growing interest in Futsal, we had to split the Junior and Senior School competition in two separated leagues based. At the interhouse futsal, all five houses play against each other once in the group stage. The houses placed first and second play the Final.

Inter-House Futsal Competition Juniors Year 3 and 4

This competition took place during Term One. In the group stage Starkey stayed undefeated in. In the final they were facing Franklin that ended second. Starkey underestimated their opponent and Franklin won the Final with 3-nil!

The Golden Boot winner with 8 goals is Andrew Blatchford. (Franklin, Year 4). Second place with seven goals for Abhiveer Gupta (Laver, Year 4).

Inter-House Futsal Competition Juniors Year 5 and 6

This competition took place during Term Three. Big shout out to Laver that had a total of 13 players registered. Laver was each week on full strength with lots of options to choose out. It was not a surprise that they reached the final. But in the final, it was Starkey that played the best and won from Laver with 5 to 2. Well done, Starkey! The Golden Boot winner with 8 goals is Mila Oldfield. (Veivers, Year 5). Shared second place with seven goals for Connor Millar-Martin (Laver, Year 5) and Jackson Smith (Starkey, Year 6).

Inter-House Futsal Competition Seniors, Years 7, 8 and 9: This competition took place during Term Three. All houses are all from a similar level each team. It was very tight I in the group stage. It was Starkey and Veivers that ended both in the top 2. Unfortunately, the Final could not be played. The winner of the competition is going to the group winner Starkey. The Golden Boot winner with 8 goals is Ari Thake. (Starkey, Year 8).

Second place with 7 goals for Emily Nickels (Franklin, Year 9).

Inter-House Futsal Competition Seniors Year 10, 11 and 12

This competition took place during term 1. Franklin, Starkey and laver were the teams that dominated the group. It was Starkey and Laver that came as number one and two. In the Final, Starkey played the best and defeated Laver with 3 to 1. The Golden Boot winners with seven goals are Angus Martin (Laver, Year 12) and Peter Osborne (Starkey, Year 12).

Shooting Accuracy Master

During term 1 all students had the change to participate in the Shooting Accuracy Master. Each student has five attempts per week. At the end of the term, we had a winner in the Junior and Senior School. In the Juniors it was Alex Pourre with a total of 31 points. In the Senior School with a total on 25 points, Sophia O’Leary won the competition. Congratulations to both!

Street Football

This was already the fourth edition of the Lunchtime Street Football. In the Senior School we have four teams playing matches each week. Rylan Kennedy and Tristan Song came out as winners. In the Junior School, with a total of 12 teams. The 12 teams were divided in two groups. At the end of Term Three. The top four from both groups played the knockout finals. The team that that won all their knockout matches were Paxton Stewart and Liam Seymour. Well done to the winners! We hope to see you back next year! 


Lunchtime football tennis takes place during Term Four. This is a six-week competition with all students have practice matches in Week 1. After the first week we are heading in the group stage. Same as in Street Football. Football tennis gets played in pairs. In the Semi Finals, Bertrand and Vaughan defeated Benedict and Andrew. And Oliver and Paxton defeated Liam and Max.

In the final, Bertrand and Vaughan took the lead at the start of the game. But Paxton and Oliver had a strong comeback. Paxton Stewart and Oliver Ng become the Champions of Football Tennis in 2022.  

For any questions about Football and Futsal, please contact our Head of Football and Futsal.

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