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Author Michael Salmon Visits the College




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Week 5, Term Three, 2017

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Students from Year 1 to 4 were privileged to have renowned author Michael Salmon visit. Michael has written books including Bobo my Superdog, The Bunyip Who Ate Canberra, Pirate Gold and Chocolate Vampire and he has been involved in graphics, children’s literature, TV and theatre since 1967.

Michael's hilarious stories and quirky illustrations have since captured the imagination of Australia’s youngest readers.

Students were encouraged to ‘never give up’ when writing stories or creating art as very rarely do you create a masterpiece the first time. Many stories were shared and students were delighted to hear about Michael’s unbelievable adventures with his dog Bobo and how he gets ideas for his stories.

The most embarrassing morning of four students’ lives will not quickly be forgotten. One at a time, Michael pulled up each student and drew them as a caricature. Students were clearly enjoying the experience, with laughter bursting out of the Great Hall.

Michael’s visit was timed in a lead up to Book Week and Book Fair, both happening in Week 7. Book Character Day is also coming up for our Pre-Prep to Year 2 students. I wonder how many Bobo’s and Bunyips there will be this year?

Many of Michael’s books are available for borrowing from the KIP should you wish to read some of his humorous stories with your children.

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