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Inter-House Chess - Just As Fun As Rugby!




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Week 4,
Term Three, 2016

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So you think chess is a boring game? Well actually it can be just as fun as playing a game of rugby.

At 3.30pm on Friday 29 July, teams gathered from the Junior School to battle. It wasn’t Wyangan Oval this time but instead we all gathered around the chessboard. Five Houses all competing to see who are the best chess players.

The referees were Mr Curtis and Mr Gardiner. They had a big task ahead of them keeping all players in line for the afternoon. Luckily no concussions or head high tackles happened but the rounds did prove to be just as aggressive.

Round 1 started with Veivers playing Laver and Starkey playing Franklin. Both Veivers and Franklin won their rounds. You could say the first red and green blood was spilt for the afternoon.

Round 2 saw Veivers extend their lead by beating Andrews. Jason Li unexpectedly made a break up the chessboard to beat Oliver Yang. The Veivers crowd cheered.

At half time instead of oranges there was pizza and poppers. Energy was restored to the players mind and muscles.

With renewed energy teams hit the field (chessboard) again. Franklin and Andrews had a hit up and Franklin lost. Laver was triumphant over Starkey. Veivers enjoyed the time to rest.

In round 4 Veivers showed no mercy against Starkey. It was time to make them pay for the Athletics Carnival. They smashed Starkey with the strength of a powerful forward pack.

As the whistle blew for the last time, Andrews came out strong to maintain their position in second place. Franklin tried hard but could not overcome the power and strength of the mighty Veivers team.

Well done to my fellow team mates, Jason Li, Lyanna Chan, Jennifer Yeung, Anson Qu, James Kirk, Kakeru Adachi, Xavier McMullen, for winning the Junior Inter-House Chess Competition. The entire team raised their winning Cadbury chocolate above their head as their trophy prize. Well done also to the other Houses for a competitive afternoon.

Thank you to Mr Fitzpatrick, Mr Curtis and Mr Gardiner for organising this great event.

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