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Week 10, Term Three, 2020

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This year students in Robotics club in the Junior School have been very busy building and programming using EV3 Mindstorms. Free build choice has allowed students to explore their creative side and have fun whilst programming.

“Robotics is so much fun, you get to create and then programme your creation. It is good to see how robots are changing our lives. We have built a colour sorter and we are looking forward to programming it further next term.”

Kenshin Tateno and Michael Narizhnaya 6L

“We have been building our robotic dog for five weeks. We have had so much fun building and we cannot wait to continue to programme our puppy called Rainbone. The dog has a colour sensor allowing it to bark, sniff and walk.”

Maria Narizhnaya 5G and Arya Denzongpa-Bathols 5P

“I am building a robotic tank. I love that you get to build lego and programme at the same time.”

Dylan Veenemans 5P

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