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Year 4s Sea World Camp Experience




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Week 9, Term Three, 2020

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There was much excitement from the change of plan to this year's Year 4 camp. The cohort experienced Sea World, staying overnight at the resort and followed up with a day at theme parks.

“After walking out of the Dolphin Show I was frozen with awe from watching the humans and light-grey and blue dolphins bond and work together. It was such a magical and special experience to see. I was shocked when I saw the dolphins shoot up in the air like a rocket and perform a flip. When the dolphins flipped in the air, they looked so light as if they weighed a feather.”

Abhilasha Sarmah

“I jumped into the line, which was buzzing with excitement. When I finally got to the front cart, I jumped in and noticed it was shaped like a red and yellow speedboat. As I got ready, my friend Tom sat in next to me and the safety belts were lowered. We got ready to go. Suddenly, we started to move down the shimmering water and we began to go up.”

Dylan Bowden

“As I climbed into my cart, the sound of my fast beating heart echoed through my body. I sat down in the cart as it flowed quickly down the stream. It moved up and up, until the point where it turned down, moving as fast as a cheetah hunting for its prey.”

Georgia Bos

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