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Year 6 Tasmanian Trip – A Pure Delight




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Week 3, Term Three, 2018

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The 2018 Tassie Trip was a success from so many perspectives. The 103 students and 10 Staff who made the trip were well-prepared and everything ran smoothly.

We were all completely thrilled with the perfect sequence of weather: light falling snow at Cradle Mountain; wild wind and rain on Sarah Island; early drizzle at Port Arthur and clear, wintry, sunny days for Richmond and Hobart.

The students proved themselves both open-minded and knowledgeable. Staff were proud of their connection to Tasmania through the curriculum studied in Term Two, as were the guides we came across in different places. Yet, apart from their awesome knowledge and understanding of Van Diemen’s Land and modern ‘green’ Tasmania, our Somerset students were open-minded about new experiences and information that are part of the annual Year 6 trip.

Thanks must go to Mr Zernike, Mrs Yam and the Year 6 staff for organisation; to all staff for their optimistic, enthusiastic approach to looking after all our students with such care and to the students themselves for being so positive and responsible during the trip. We hope that you have grown from this rare and exciting experience.

The pictures tell their own story.


by Patrick liu

Tasmania was majestical,
it was rainbowic,
Never missing a rainbow.
We were God-gifted and enchanted,
given the rainbow blessing.
It was overwhelming,
Bitterly cold and viciously windy,
Frozen in the beauty of time Nevertheless,
I was stunned by the exquisite landscapes
and the diverse vegetation
of Tasmania

Ancient Glory

by Natalie Mai

Frozen in beauty evergreen nature,
stood tall and proud for a picture.
Feather-like leaves assisted snowflakes down,
onto the vast valley below where the scenery starts.

Peering over mountains over-viewing lakes,
where I watch rainbows and falling snowflakes.
Changing skies told a story,
all about the ancient glory.

The Secret of Van Diemen's Land

by Aayush Chand

The evergreen shrubbage,
Covered the exquisite land,
Frozen in beauty,
Choking away it's devious past,
Shrouded in mystery,
The mystery,
The cry of the last convict
Radiates through the cavern,
Uncovered at last,
Trapped under the present no more,
Rising to our ears, the end of a stagnated era,
The secret of Van Diemen's Land.

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