Swinging through the valley with only a harness and rope to support you. This was the Giant Swing and it was definitely a highlight for most pupils who attended the Year 7 Camp.

From 29 May to 1 June, Year 7 students had a joyous three days camping on top of Mount Tambourine. From the exquisite meals to the adrenaline-rushing activities, Year 7 camp will definitely be a highlight of the year. 

Mount Tambourine's activities were team-building exercises and by the last activity, everyone definitely knew each other a lot better. It was the best feeling having your team cheering you on up to the top of the giant ladder to the Leap of Faith. 

One of my all-time, personal favourite activities was the GPS Challenge. It was like a scavenger hunt but instead, we had a GPS that would track us around the campsite, and we had to copy the specific knot in the rope. Although we had to spend cold nights and days, overall camp was a blast and it will definitely leave a mark in everyone’s memories.

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