Have you ever heard of UQ Engineering Ambassadors at Somerset College? Well, we are the first wave of UQ Engineering, Design and Computing Ambassadors, and our goal is to promote these subject areas throughout the College across the course of 2023.

The University of Queensland's Ambassador Program has been specifically designed for Year 11 students who are passionate and motivated in the fields of Design and Engineering. The Program aims to deepen knowledge and raise the profile of these subject areas across the schools involved and to simply engage and inspire young people in the limitless potential of STEM + Design.

Being an Ambassador will challenge us to develop our leadership abilities and communication skills, offering us the chance to communicate with like-minded students across Queensland and Northern NSW. As Ambassadors, we will bring events, activities and opportunities to your attention at least once a term.

Please keep an eye out across all of the Colleges social platforms and engage with events and activities that spark your interest!

Featured (from left to right) Elliott Bartley, Ekheera Birk, Shania Li and Oscar Pan

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