In Mandarin recently we have been celebrating and learning all about the Mid-Autumn Festival (Zhōng qiū jié), also known as the Moon Festival!

Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated each year on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this is a date when the full moon will be at its biggest and brightest. The festival celebrates the story of Hou Yi, Chang e and the Potion of Immortality as well as many other traditions. Students have been exploring how the festival is celebrated and things you might see during this festival which include eating delicious Mooncakes and lighting lanterns. In class, students participated in several activities to learn about these traditions and tried eating traditional mooncakes (we had some Risk Takers trying something new for the first time!)

Some of our students were fortunate to experience a story telling by a parent from our community, as well as witness how Chinese Mooncakes are made using a special mould. Students then created their very own Jade Rabbit lanterns that will be hung to decorate our Year 1 and 2 eating area.

For parents wishing to explore this festival further with their children, the Netflix movie Over the Moon follows some of the mythical stories of this festival and how it is celebrated within families.

中秋节快乐 – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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