I am creating a surfboard that can express my culture and personality, this is also expressed through the way the board was shaped. The project is almost finished only having to glass my board and put a shiny coat, then my project is finished only leaving the assignment.

Throughout this Project, I have developed skills such as patience, knowledge, communication, and determination. I have patience waiting for my board getting sent in, whilst also other equipment. Another way is learning how to shape, then after watching being able to produce the same affect. I had to listen and inquiry into the manufacturing of my board, so I understood when the professional was talking about such as, ‘how to increase speed throughout shape’ or ‘flicking the spray to create an evenness’.

I had to communicate in parts of my Project, this includes asking questions about how to hold a spray or what sandpaper I use (there are many types of sandpapers flexible ones, flat, soft padded and many more). I also had to know how to formulate colours, so some primary knowledge of what colours create what. I could then make my rails my favourite colour.

In parts of creating my surfboard I would dread going but once I started, I loved it and was exciting, the feeling of achievement and finishing helped to drive me to get my project done even fast. Having a back hand motive of ‘once it’s done, I have to write my assignment’. I am also excited to ride it after my coats have dried. These few goals have kept me determined throughout the whole process.

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