Restoration of a Fishing Boat

For my Personal Project, I decided to restore a centre-console fishing boat from a bare shell. To do this I had to learn all the skills associated with boat building, these included electrical wiring, carpentry and mechanical skills. I have always loved fishing, starting fishing with my dad as a small child and now going with friends during holidays and using fishing as an opportunity to spend time alone. I am also interested in making, building and repairing things, working on a variety of different projects like mailboxes, decking and currently a car.

I have had to apply many different ATL skills to complete my project. I have had to apply Social skills to collaborate with mentors who have helped me throughout my project. I have had to gain information and knowledge from a variety of people as the skills required in boat restoration are from many different trade areas. For example, I have worked with a carpenter, an electrician and a boat builder. I have also had to apply my Critical Thinking skills to problem solve. Often, what I had planned to do had to be adjusted unexpectedly and to do this I would have to look at new ways of working.

I am really proud of the skills I have developed from my Personal Project. The most unfamiliar part were all the electricals, and this is where I have gained the most knowledge. I would like to pursue a career in electro technology, and my Personal Project has helped to narrow down my interest in this area. I have also developed my resilience and patience, as I faced many frustrations and mistakes, particularly in taking measurements, and rather than getting annoyed or angry, I just had to try again. I think this will definitely help me overcome challenges and obstacles in the future.

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