For my Personal Project I have created five different textured 3D paintings, all representing different types of food. I have always expressed an interested in painting and I thought this was a perfect project to explore and learn the art of painting. I wanted to understand different ways to create realistic-looking food with paint, so after lots of research I created five paintings using acrylic mediums, paint using different brush skills, painting techniques and a variety of styles.

The personal connection to painting is my Nonna. She has always loved art, all kinds of art. She inspired me to paint and explore my interests and it gave me a chance to connect with her and share her love of art.

Throughout my Personal Project journey, I have faced a few challenges. When first creating my first painting, I decided to add sprinkles onto the painting (obviously I wasn’t using my common sense). After just a few days it went mouldy! I did a bit of research about how to create your own fake sprinkles and decided that it would add a significant additional cost to my project. Considering one of my Success Criteria was to keep within a small price range, I didn’t want to buy anything new. Instead, I used creative thinking skills and dotted different colours of paint on the artwork to give the same illusion. Although it didn’t turn out as good as I was hoping, I believe it was a good fix!

The process of Personal Project has allowed me to further develop my ATL skills – specifically my creative thinking skills. Always altering and changing things to create a more effective 3D look, or choosing the right colours to create shades has helped me to develop my creative thinking skills. I have also used the ATL skill of media literacy. Using the internet to research painting techniques has allowed me to refine and better my art works. Using only the helpful websites has also allowed me to improve on media literacy by choosing websites that are valuable, reliable and relevant to my project.

So far, I have enjoyed creating my paintings and being creative. Trying new things and using the acrylic mediums to create a 3D effective has been a really positive experience. I am very much looking forward to displaying the finished products in Term Four!

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