My name is Georgina Littleton and I am a Year 10 student who is currently involved in the College’s Personal Project, which outlines the conclusion of my journey through the Middle Years Programme. My Project centralises on an artistic display of the importance of understanding our family history and how it influences our perspectives towards the world and past events.

To demonstrate this concept I have travelled to the past and explored the lives of my great uncles who each served in the military during World War II and have portrayed the days from when they were young men working in the bushland of Toowoomba, to the day they came home from serving their country.

The initiation of my Project was a gruelling task, as long days were spent researching my family history. To make matters less confronting, I was fortunate enough to have access to photos, a dairy written by one of my great uncles whilst in Changi prison camp, and military telegrams, all of which have been brought back from the war, as well as newspaper articles and novels that are dedicated to the Sullivan brothers. This array of antiques have been preserved in my family for generations and has profoundly assisted me in discovering the lives my great uncles lived. However, as time progressed my initial goal of producing a novel based on the topic of the Sullivan family evolved to a more artistic approach. This pivot in my intended goal was made without regrets and is seen as the right decision for me to continue further.

Despite the struggles I have faced, every passing day I see the progression. Currently, I have completed 80 per cent of my artwork and am determined to strive for a high standard of completion to fully encompass the skills and lessons I have learnt from the Personal Project journey. Additionally, I have recognized the importance of self – management through the utilization of planning, project outlines and goal setting.

I am beyond proud of my efforts and am ecstatic with all I have achieved presently. This project must be approached with diligence and the student requires an open mind that is adaptable to change. The staff of Somerset College has taught me this across the months I have been emersed in my Project and I am appreciative of their assistance.

My mind is filled with eagerness to see where I take my project and to provide a better understanding of family history.

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