For my Personal Project, I am writing a piano piece that I can then learn to play on the piano. 

I want to learn how to create an entire piano piece that I can play fluently and memorise. I have been learning piano for a long time – since Grade 2 – and so have developed a personal connection to playing and listening to music of any kind, but especially piano. 

I have faced many challenges in creating my piano piece. Firstly, it was very hard to find inspiration for my piece and figure out where to start. In addition, creating the right dynamics and tempo for my piece was also challenging. To overcome this, I worked hard to develop my knowledge of music theory which has helped me to be more comfortable and confident in my decisions. comfortably create my own piano song. 

My ATL skills have helped me throughout the process and I have developed my creative thinking and transfer skills, using my prior knowledge of music and piano theory and transferred these into creating a unique piano piece. I feel transfer skills are important for other subjects, as many skills transfer between different subjects, and so it a useful ATL skill to know and be able to identify in my own learning. 

The thing I am enjoying the most about the Personal Project is having the freedom to choose and create whatever I decide to rather than follow guidance and be restricted by songs written by other people. I am also enjoying creating music and sharing it with everyone else.

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