I am Rishi Veeramachaneni, a Year 10 student and I am in the process of creating a culturally oriented artwork for my Personal Project. Over the course of the Personal Project journey, I aim to learn the skills required to create a Kerala Mural Painting (a traditional Indian art form) of the Hindu deity, Krishna.

Throughout this journey, I aim to understand the message and purpose behind my depiction through research on the Kerala Mural artform and Hindu mythology. To reach my goal, I must include a use of various skills, neatness, and technical accuracies in relation to the reference image. These skills and accuracies must be effective in both the fields of sketching and painting. Through this creation, history of Indian culture and Krishna can be studied while also studying the Kerala mural artform.

Since Week 2 of the 2020 December school holidays, I have been taking art classes to learn the Kerala mural painting artform. After the completion of learning the fundamental skills required to create this artwork, I began to create my first practice piece. This piece was just a sketch to ensure that my skills in the field of sketching were being polished in preparation for the final piece. After sketching the first practice piece, I began to create the second practice piece. This piece has been sketched and painted with acrylic paints and has proved the development of my sketching skills from the start of the unit to the end. Currently, I am in the process of sketching my final piece on an A1 size scale.

Learning various new skills about Kerala Mural art and concepts in Hindu culture has so far been a memorable experience for me and I am able to see my work leading towards my final goal.

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