Over the past school holidays, I had the privilege of undergoing a Summer Internship with the MBA Partnership, Southport. The MBA Partnership, established in 2001, is a diverse financial firm offering services in Accounting, Wealth Management, Strategy and Advisory, Book-Keeping and Offshore Outsourcing (just to name a few). They are an incredible team of financial experts dedicated to excellence and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them.

As a Year 11 student, the reality of having to start fresh outside of school in less than a year is quite daunting. Consequently, as part of the ‘Futures’ program run fortnightly for Year 11s, Somerset welcomed Sandy Aitkenhead (HR Manager), and Kaya Mukai (Accountant) from MBA. For the first time ever, the MBA Partnership decided to extend its Summer Internship Program to school students, acting as a valuable experience to taste what work is like in the real world. After application, many emails, zoom meetings and phone calls, I was honoured to be invited to spend four weeks as an employee of MBA.

During the course of my internship, I spent time in every different department at MBA, shadowing industry experts and learning the ins and outs of their specialised areas. From Accounting, to HR, Wealth Management and Offshore, I gained exposure to such valuable and imperative areas of the financial industry, working alongside my colleagues on both individual and group projects. My work experience at MBA has proven to be one of the most valuable four weeks of my life and has played an enormous role in helping guide me through deciding on my tertiary studies. I am incredibly thankful to MBA for hosting me throughout the school holidays and would encourage all students to take advantage of this incredible opportunity Somerset and MBA have orchestrated. 

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