The 1st Netball team secured the bronze in the Vicki Wilson Cup.

Vicki Wilson State Titles Review – 1st Netball Team

Filled with tight and contested games, the 1st Netball team secured the bronze medal in the Vicki Wilson Cup State Championship for 2022. The girls consistently achieved success on day one, with four out of four dominant wins. 

Their suffocating defensive structures, swift passages of play, and game changing shooting statistics, the girls were on fire. Heading into the cross over final against Downlands College, a fierce competitor, the first half was goal for goal, resulting in a 17 to 17 half time score. Defenders Trinity Toia, Ellie Muir, and Bayley d’Hotman de Villiers rose to the occasion, picking off ball throughout the court, pushing their team ahead going into the final quarter. Crucial intercepts were converted into critical goals, with both Elsa Sandholt and Charli Pearce both shooting above 90%.

A convincing cross over final win against Downlands College meant that the girls would play against rival team Canterbury College in the Semi Final. The opposition claimed their lead early in the first quarter, making it a tough fight back for our First team. The entire game was a goal for goal game, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats the whole time. Tahlia Evans, fought until the final minutes to bring her team a win through poise and grit, whilst providing direction and consistency in the attacking end. This was continued on by Ruby Partridge coming on in the last quarter and changing the momentum to benefit her team by standing strong in the shooting circle, despite very talented Canterbury defenders. Despite uncharacteristic performances from the entire team, the win just slipped away from the girls in the last couple minutes, meaning they would play off for the bronze medal. 

The team looked to build upon their previous success, forgetting about the Semi Final and looking to fight for the bronze medal against the Cathedral College. Wing Attack (WA), Atlanta Horan, and Centre (C), Shemeah Poloai provided the speed that was needed to break the game. With a convincing lead at half time, the side fought to build on this performance and show once again why they were champions of Vicki Wilson in 2021. Isabella Seymour and Ariana Ransfield entered the game in the second half, forcing their opposition to work for every ball whilst piecing together the fluent passages of play that were consistently converted by Marika Ransfield, who was a standout in the shooting circle, punishing her opponent through high conversion rates. The team efforts were rewarded by a convincing 20-point win for the bronze medal.

Overall, it was a very successful weekend for the 1st team, with lots of learning opportunities and challenges along the way. Despite a tough draw forcing the two top teams of Somerset College and Canterbury College meeting in the Semi Final rather than the Grand Final, our team worked hard to bring the College success. 

Monday Winter Comp – Div 1 – 1st Netball Team

Along with our Vicki Wilson Cup efforts, the First Netball team won the Division 1 Opens Monday Night Competition against Palm Beach. After a 10-point win in extra time in the Semi Final, the girls were ready to bring home the trophy the following week. A tightly contested first half, meant that both teams were even at half time, the girls experience in high pressure situations shone through as they pushed out a lead of 14 points, taking the win swiftly.

The team was also awarded the highest shooting percentage in the entire competition, which is an amazing achievement given there is over nine divisions with eight teams in each.

It has been a hugely successful year for the First Netball team, however, they look forward to putting it all on display and maximising their culture and success in 2023.

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