Collaborative Mural – Oil pastels and watercolour

Pre-Prep Students in collaboration with Lann Levinge (Kombumerri traditional owner, Yugambeh language region)

Lann visited us to share his knowledge of the Kombumerri people and their Dreamtime Stories. Each class was told a different story. We discussed the importance of LISTENING to our elders’ stories to learn about our past, and our culture.

Each class then chose symbols to retell the story Lann had shared with them. The children drew these symbols using oil pastels on their respective section of the mural and added watercolour over the top. Colours were selected in collaboration with the children. We asked ourselves: Which colours would be best to represent the different parts of our story? Yellow for the honey, Blue for the water, etc.

At the centre of our mural, there is a meeting place with people of different sizes around it, just like at school. Then a songline travels across all stories, joining them. From the songline, paths lead to the meeting place: water paths for stories where water plays an important part (Gwondo, Jabreen and Jalum) and a land path when the story takes place on land (Wugan).

See next week's episode of Somerset Stream to watch the making of our collaborative mural.

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