Our Junior School students recently participated in the School Futsal Titles. We registered our Spartans for the Brisbane Titles, a Competition with a very high standard. 

Monday 14 March began early for students, coaches and volunteers, boarding the bus for a 6.15am departure to the Nissan Arena. Some rested, others discussed their tactics for the day. All Students played a minimum of three matches. At the end of the day, we had a total of five teams who qualified for the knock-out round on March 21. 

Under 10 Girls White - Brisbane Metro Title Winners

Congratulations to Audrey Hilbert, Imogen Sounness, Luella Zerbst, Mayuko Takahata, Arianna Reading, Emma Cordner and Evie Ladbrook. 

Coach: Nigel Witton

Under 10 Girls Blue - Brisbane Metro Quarter Final

Congratulations to Robin Wang, Edith Hilbert, Chloe Li, Annie Talbot, Ava Meyers, Scarlett Hasselle, and Gabbi Steenackers

Coach: Sean Wang

Under 10 Boys Blue - Brisbane Metro Titles Runners Up

Congratulations to Zhander Griffiths, Danny Wang, William Baillie, Harper Loon, Paxton Stewart, Connor Millar-Martin, Max Bowden, and Oliver Ng. 

Coach: Sean Wang and Maarten de Kruijf

Under 10 Boys White - Brisbane Metro Semi Final

Congratulations to Benedict Thompson, Andrew Blatchford, Vaughan Furlong, Henry Pevy, Edward Hassett, Hugo Hasselle and Alex Pourre.

Coach: James Hasselle and Maarten de Kruijf 

Under 11 Boys - Brisbane Metro Titles Semi-Final

Congratulations to Mila Oldfield, Liam Seymour, Harry Couper, Bertrand Omenka, Daniel Klaassen, Samuel Buchanan, and James Baumfield. 

Coach: Maarten de Kruijf

Teams who made the semi-finals have qualified for the Champion of Champions. The Champion of Champions is the is Stage 2 of the Futsal titles. At this stage our Spartans will play versus the local champions from other Queensland regions.

Stage 3 is the nationals, the Australasian of Champions. All best schools from across the country will come together to decide who is best school in Australia!

For any questions about Football and Futsal, please contact our Head of Football and Futsal Maarten De Kruijf.

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