The Somerset Science Committee treated our Year 3 students to a day of scientific exploration recently.

Throughout the day, each Year 3 class had the opportunity to explore the fields of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics under the guidance of senior school students.

Some areas of exploration included:

  • Physics of wind-powered cars
  • Chemistry of colour change and hydrogen production
  • Biology of the cardiovascular system

This day of stimulating science culminated in a Science Show being held in Suzanne Roberts Centre for Performing Arts.

Our committee members wowed the Year 3s with:

  • Extravagant explosions
  • Clever chemical colour changes
  • Captivating Carbon dioxide bubbles Riveting respiratory inflation
  • Awesome audience interaction with smoke rings

Thank you to the Science Committee, Ms Amores, and Ms Hyman for making the Year 3 Science Day possible

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