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GCSSDF 2019 – A year of Mystery, Absurdism and Ghosts




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Week 8, Term Three, 2019

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The Gold Coast Secondary School Drama Festival is complete for 2019 and what a year it was! This year the Festival presented 41 plays across three weeks.

It was (and always is) a privilege to see the next generation of artists in action, in a festival that celebrates creativity, bravery, diversity of style and the overwhelming amount of passion for the Arts that the participating students involved possess. To the committee of Drama Festival and fellow hosting schools, we thank you for your tireless work, in the important job that is allowing students from the Gold Coast a chance to perform their work in a professional environment.

Writing on behalf of the GCSSDF staff, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge our student directors and casts. Once accepted into the GCSSSDF process they commit to an intensive lunchtime, after hours and weekend rehearsal process, on top of managing all other family, academic, sporting and co-curricular responsibilities. We thank you for your dedication.

Our second acknowledgement is to all students who were unsuccessful in the audition process. Thank you for exhibiting the IB learner profile attribute of being risk takers. We are constantly in awe of the breadth of talent that our young actors possess. Thank you for being willing to be a part of GCSSDF and we hope to see you in the audition room in 2020.

Our Junior play, The Glass Street Ghost, written by Amelia Mellor, was performed at Southport State High School. Student directed by Year 11 students Anna Boone and Tom Liu, under the guidance and care of staff mentor, Ms Josephine Flynn, The Glass Street Ghost was commended for its strong sense of ensemble, seamless transitions, transformative set, production design and strong character work.

This production was awarded the Junior Division Runner-Up Shield and the Medal of Creativity for direction. Congratulations to the following cast members on all of their hard work. Rishi Veeramachineni (Outstanding Actor Award, Highly Commended for Acting)
Yuvi Chauhan (Highly Commended for Acting)
Niamh Rogers (Highly Commended for Acting)
Heidi Hoffman
Summer Edgley
Lulu Harris
Lael Jeon
Georgie Kilmartin
Iona Radcliffe
Ellie Ryan
Eliza Strong
Hannah Zubair

Our Senior play, Far Away, written by Caryl Churchill, was performed at Somerset College. Directed by Mrs Anna D’Arcy, in collaboration with the Year 11 and 12 cast, Far Away is not an easy play for an audience to witness. The production was awarded the Adjudicators Trophy, for its sophisticated handling of challenging material, worthy of a professional stage.

Congratulations to the Senior cast members: Bella Harris (Outstanding Actor Award, Highly Commended for Acting)
Thomas McKenna (Highly Commended for Acting)
Ella Banic (Highly Commended for Acting)
Ziggy Enoch (Highly Commended for Acting)
Vivi Baker
Emma Lekich
Michael Savic
Bria Phillips
Kristen Crasto
Adam Gornitsky
Annika Puhalla
Lilly Thompson
Sam Reeve
Kyah Anderson
Ella Wood
James Enwright
Dom Bensley

Our Intermediate play, The Hanging, written by Angela Betzien, was performed at St Andrews Lutheran College. Student directed by Year 11 students Ella Hammond and Lilly McCoomb, under the guidance and care of staff mentor Mrs Sarah Hossy, The Hanging was commended for its thrilling, eerie atmosphere, strong character work and striking use of shadow play.

Congratulations to the Intermediate cast members: Yeva Brereton (Highly Commended for Acting)
Eva Wingrove (Highly Commended for Acting)
Noah Jay (Highly Commended for Acting)
Ella Kirk (Highly Commended for Acting)
Soumia Lamont
Louis Ladbrook
Thomas Kilmartin
Nico Verin

Please take a moment to enjoy the accompanying slideshow that celebrates the body of work from the festival. Congratulations once again, and we look forward to 2020.

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