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Week 4, Term Two, 2019

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In our forthcoming winter vacation, six College students from Year 11 and 12 are heading to the US to attend the 10 day Envision Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC), located in Washington DC and New York. GYLC is a unique leadership development programme that brings together outstanding young people from across the United States and more than 145 countries around the world, to build critical leadership skills in the global context.

Desmond Chuah, Georgina Powell, Mohnish Chand, Joanne Jo, Lilly Thompson and Kristen Crasto have been invited to GYLC after meeting the high criteria in academics, service to others and leadership, required for nomination.

2019 - T2 - W4 - global leaders

Previous College students who have attended the conference include Marina Hou (Class of 2016) and Jessica Lekich (Class of 2018). Our students will have the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with today’s world leaders in the challenging and dynamic environments of Washington DC and New York City. Through their programme, our students will meet with top business leaders, policy officials, lobbyists, journalists, diplomats, and academics from diverse cultures and backgrounds who will inform and exchange ideas with our students, and help them cultivate important leadership skills. These young leaders will be encouraged to analyse issues, form and advocate positions, as well as influence sound decision-making. Our students will be inspired to expand their horizons by fully exploring cultural differences, gaining first-hand exposure to the challenges of international diplomacy, developing their passion for international affairs while exploring a future career, and gaining a fresh, new global perspective.

Between their presentations and workshops, our students will also immerse themselves in the cultural aspect of their educational programme. They will explore Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City, discovering all of the illustrious landmarks these cities have to offer. In Washington DC, they will visit the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, World War II Memorial, Smithsonian Institute, and Holocaust Museum. In Philadelphia, they will enjoy lunch and explore the renowned University of Pennsylvania campus on their way to New York. In New York City, they will taste the culture of Chinatown, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met), experience bustling Times Square, and take a dinner cruise on the New York Harbor, where they can catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. They will absorb the culture, history and world views of the diverse people who are key players on the global stage during GYLC’s fascinating site visits.

Each day our students will engage in understanding and developing impactful leadership. They will explore their role as a global leader by using their communication and negotiation skills, to bring their peers to a consensus on an issue of worldwide importance. In a Global Summit simulation, held at the United Nations headquarters, based on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), along with their fellow scholars, they will act as diplomats representing various countries on international commissions. They will draft policy proposals; debate how to mobilise efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities, and tackle climate change; pass resolutions; and adopt plans of action.

Our students will return home from GYLC with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities as citizens and future leaders in an international community. As an IB World School we value an internationally minded learner who is above all a competent communicator, open-minded and knowledgeable. Our attending students grasp the importance of inquiry, challenge themselves to think critically and creatively, and are highly reflective. They represent the highest standards of integrity and they appreciate and support others. They are outstanding ambassadors for the College and we know they will fully embrace the opportunity and challenges that lie ahead. We wish them safe travel and look forward to hearing of their experiences on their return.

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