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Social Media Session for Year 7 Girls




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Week 9, Term Three, 2020

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Dean of Information Technologies Ms Lisa Thomson held a session on social media for our Year 7 girls. Here are reviews from students who attended the sessions.

"This week, Ms Thompson came to talk to the Year 7 girls about the issues surrounding social media. We gained a deeper understanding of the darker side of social media and how it had impacted girls around the world. The girls who have been bullied and harassed online need support, but support from adults sometimes just isn't enough. They need fellow girls who can truly understand what they're going through. Of course, not everyone can relate, including myself. I can only imagine what they feel. The core of this problem is that many girls aren't educated on this topic. If this cohort of Year 7s can help make the girls out there feel just a little safer by spreading the message, I think we have done our job well."

Aimee Zhang

"The Year 7 girls were privileged enough to have Ms Thompson speak to us about Social Media. We learnt that social media has a great impact on girls’ actions and how they approach it different scenarios. Ms Thompson discussed strategies and techniques for dealing with online situations such as how to deal with situation and how not to deal with it. We also observed the results from a survey a few years back. Young girls just like us showed us, that more than 90% of girls our age have social media of some sort and use it for many different reasons, such as Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. A little later on, all of us Girls and Teachers believed we should spread positivity for social media around the school for Girls, so we made little posters and put some inspiring quotes on them. All in all I believe this session with Ms Thompson was highly beneficial and educated us girls about social media. It also showed us that spreading positivity creates great change in the community, and as the younger generations us girls want to make a change."

Amelia Cotton

"On Tuesday this week, all of the Year 7 girls went to the Ray Dining hall for a talk with Ms Thomson. She talked to us about social media and how it impacts girls and what they do. We looked at some statistics and surveys from the previous years and also what people had to say about social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat and more. After this we got into groups of two or three and created posters saying short quotes for girls to use. These quotes are meant to be useful to girls using social media and also those who may be doing it tough. The session helped us look at social media from a new perspective and also helped us see what other go through on social media. Personally, the experience was very helpful and fun to do, and I really enjoyed finding helpful quotes and more."

Ava Henson

"During the session with Ms Thompson, the Year 7 girls learned about the impacts of social media and how we can improve our actions towards these apps in an appropriate manner that doesn't affect our personalities, relationships nor self-esteem. We learned how important it is to have qualities like kindness, empathy, and loyalty. Each girl made a quote which would be used to influence and inspire others to have these important values. From this lesson, each girl learned to be less influenced by these social media apps as it can impact negatively on us."

Emily Nickels


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