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Week 7, Term Three, 2019

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With the ash falling from the burning of the cane fields and a smoky haze over the course, time and time again Somerset Spartans burst clear of the smoke, leading the field in what was their most successful regatta of the year. The rowers claimed an impressive 19 medals at the GCASRA Open regatta at Murwillumbah.

The event served as the final race practice in preparation for the State Championships at the end of the Term. Spirits were high, and the team work was fantastic, with several crews being lifted by the cheering from the bank. Ten gold medals, three silver medals and three bronze medals was a great result and a pleasant reward for all the hard training that’s being done out on the water.

Somerset’s first gold medal came from the Year 11 Boys pair Anthony McKenna and Jack Daly, which was followed immediately by the Year 10 Boys quad of Nick Tan, Cameron Smith, Fergus McKeon, Josh Mills and coxed by Austin Macrossan winning their first gold for the weekend. This was also the first race for the new quad the ‘Andrew Butler’, which produced another gold medal to finish the regatta, for the Open Boys Quad of Joe Lanham, Julius Wright, Chester Whiting, Jack Daly and Austin Macrossan.

The Murwillumbah venue is small and challenging, and with over 20 schools represented, it takes teamwork to manage the tight spaces. With barely any room to move on the river bank, there was always a helping Spartan hand to get boats on and off the water, and no one left to race without a word of encouragement. A big thank you to the parents and supporters how help make special weekends like these occur. We would not have had the successful weekend we had without you. A special mention to Olivia Sina, who always helps make the regatta experience enjoyable for all.

With the medals a great reflection of how wonderful the program is in the Gold Coast Region, now it’s time to step up to the State Schools Championships. Best of luck to all those crews putting in the hard strokes on the water, and well done on showing the Spartan Spirit.


  • Boys Year 11 Pair – Anthony McKenna and Jack Daly
  • Boys Year 10 Coxed Quad – Joshua Mills, Fergus McKeon, Cameron Smith, Nick Tan and Austin Macrossan
  • Boys Open Pair – Joe Lanham and Julius Wright
  • Boys Open Double Scull – Joe Lanham and Julius Wright
  • Boys Year 10 Single Scull – Nick Tan
  • Girls Year 11 Pair – Nina Varcoe and Jordan Wilson
  • Boys Year 10 Double Scull – Cameron Smith and Nick Tan
  • Boys Year 10 Coxed Four - Joshua Mills, Fergus McKeon, Cameron Smith, Nick Tan and Austin Macrossan
  • Girls Year 8 Double Scull – Georgia Daly and Eliza Strong
  • Boys Open Quad – Jack Daly, Chester Whiting, Julius Wright, Joe Lanham and Austin Macrossan


  • Girls Year 8 Quad – Lauren Taylor-Girdler, Eliza Strong, Lillian Tan, Georgia Daly and Isaac Rogers
  • Girls Year 10 Quad – Kate Jordan, Sofie Smith, Miku Adachi, Emma Smith and Eliza Strong
  • Girls Year 11 Quad – Sofie Smith, Miku Adachi, Emma Wilson, Jordan Wilson and Zak Van Den Brink
  • Boys Open Quad – Joshua Mills, Fergus McKeon, Cameron Smith, Nick Tan and Sofie Smith


  • Boys Year 11 Pair – Tom Liu and Sam Liu
  • Girls Year 10 Double Scull – Sofie Smith and Miku Adachi
  • Girls Year 9 Quad – Jess Velloza, Eden Dovrat, Kate Jordan, Nathalie Brown and Maya Moore
  • Girls Open Pair – Nina Varcoe and Zara Smith
  • Boys Year 9 Quad – Xavier McMullen, Raffi Anderson, Harry Jordan, Callum McClure and Zak Van Den Brink
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