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Transforming Antigone




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Week 3, Term Three, 2020

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Year 12 Drama students presented their final internal assessment task on Tuesday 28 July in the Suzanne Roberts Centre for Performing Arts. Our students have been on quite an unusual journey as they worked through their final unit of study.

They began in Term Two isolation, zooming their way through revision of Greek Theatre conventions and bravely participating in practical workshops through the lenses of their devices. Once back on campus they explored the many conventions of Contemporary Theatre and considered the possibilities that could exist in order to re-imagine and transform the classic Greek text, Antigone by Sophocles for a contemporary audience.

Emma Lekich showed Antigone immortalised into the realm of the gods, immersing the audience into the universe through her use of multimedia, object puppetry and symbolic imagery. Thomas Liu and James Enwright bombarded the audience with sound and projection as they transported the audience into the not too distant future. A surveillance driven Creon slowly unravelling as he is challenged by the ideals and decisions of his son, Haemon.

Finally, Dom Bensley, Anna Boone, Ella Hammond and Lilly McCoomb drew inspiration from the protest movement of the 1960s. Leading their audience to multiple locations for their site-specific piece, they skilfully fragmented the text to focus on the meaning existing within the line, “I was born to love, not hate”.

On behalf of the Year 12 Drama students I would like to thank our skilled technical team, led by Mr Sam Cash and our audience for attending to support their work.

Congratulations Year 12 on presenting three transformative pieces that would make Dionysus proud!

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