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Veivers Holds on to the Roberts Family Trophy at Inter-House Regatta




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Week 3, Term Three, 2020

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Rowing kicked off this term with the Inter-House Regatta 25 July, the skies opened up and reminded everyone just how much rowing is a sport of challenging conditions. July is not usually the time of year for the regatta, but with interruptions postponing many events, it was an exciting indication that there still may be some regattas coming up before the end of the year.

All eyes were on the new young rowers as the took to the start line for the first time and showed off their newly learnt skills.

The Junior Boys started the regatta with a single scull race with Alex Jordan from Starkey taking the first win of the day. From there the leading house changed several times. Laver had some great wins in their quads, but it was the senior races that started make the difference. It was neck and neck between Starkey and Veivers, with the final result coming down to the last race. The Year 10 boys single scull saw Callum McClure cross the line first with Xavier McMullen close behind locking in a Veivers win by only three points. Well done Veivers!

It was great to see the whole rowing community come together and a big thank you goes out to all the helpers who did everything behind the scenes from setting up the tents, driving the tinnies, cooking the BBQ, selling uniform and putting on the catering to feed the hungry mouths.

Thank you also to all of those that came out to support our rowers and well done to everyone for rowing so well. The focus now switches to preparing to race other schools, and it will be great to show the Spartan spirit as we all compete together as one team:

1st Veivers
2nd Starkey
3rd Laver
4th Andrews
5th Franklin

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