Stoyfest was a huge success last week and on the Thursday, Slimefest took place in front of an excited audience.

The Committee of Year 6 boys – Julian Kelly Correa, Darcy Daly, Jackson Smith and Ben Sharpe – spent the week selling tickets. Thank you to Mrs Walsh for designing a great poster and helping with publicity.

Many students desperately wanted their names pulled out to have the good fortune to lift a bucket of coloured slime and tip it over the head of the brave people sitting in the slime chairs: Darcy Daly (Year 6 student in a revenge slime), Angus Fraser (Junior School Captain), Thomas Gray (Somerset School, Captain), Mr Troy Zernike (Assistant to the Head of Junior School) and Frane Lessac (Author and Illustrator). Mark Greenwood, author, ably worked up the crowd!

The boys raised $740 to hand over to the Charity for World Literacy called Room to Read, of which Frane is an Ambassador. Thank you, Somerset community, for your generosity and involvement.

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