Welcome back to 2024 to all of our little Chessmasters!!

If you don’t know me, the kids call me 'Coach Big Ben', and I am excited to be heading up our Somerset Chess Programme this year.

Our Junior Coaching Programmes are growing and growing and I can’t wait to share with you some of the exciting things in development in the background as the year progresses.


Our weekly coaching sessions have launched in Week 2 and we are so excited to welcome so many new little masters to the fold. We think we may have found a few little potential superstars in the mix as well!

This week we have run a temporary timetable and have been assessing all of our students to determine the most suitable groupings and coach fit.

Starting Week 3, we should have permanent schedules up for you to keep track of. We are working closely with teachers to keep everyone in the loop….

It’s not too late to sign up!

Also, stay tuned for information coming around our Chesskid.com Memberships…


Friday After School Club

Our first club day of the year launches this week with our Friday After School Chess Club in the Chess Room from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

This is a great opportunity to play real life tournament games against other Somerset kids with an opportunity to gain a real Queensland Junior (QJ) Rating! There’ll be an opportunity to make new friends, learn, have fun and play LOTS of chess. We also have an exciting new addition to the Club we can’t wait to share!

So mates doing checkmates 🙂 (I’m so sorry, I had to!!).

Years 1 to 3 families can register as a HUB activity at any time in the year and will be picked up from there. For Year 4 and up, it is free to join! Just turn up! That includes Senior Schoolers….

Lunch Clubs

Our Lunch Chess Clubs are launching in Week 3! Our Lunch Clubs are all about playing chess and putting into practice what we’ve been learning from our coaches during our lessons in real tournament games. Don’t get lessons with us? No problem! You can still turn up.

Prizes and medals to be won!!

Our Lunch Clubs are free to join and open to anyone…no need to register

LOCATION: Every Week in the Chess Room from 12.50pm to 1.20pm (after eating time).

MONDAYS: Junior Monday Challenge - Years 3 to 6

TUESDAYS: 2’s Day Tuesdays - Year 2 Only (Will be picked from eating spot)

WEDNESDAY: 1’s Day Wednesdays - Year 1 Only (Picked up from eating spot)

THURSDAY: Prepare for Battle! - Prep Only- (Launching Term Three)

FRIDAY: “Friendly Fridays” All Ages Social Chess (no tournament)

Also stay tuned for upcoming Interschool Tournament information….

  • Gold Coast High Schools - Wednesday 21 February 
  • Gold Coast Primary Hinterland - Wednesday 6 March
A HUGE congratulations to the following Somerset students for these amazing 2023 results:
  • Alisa Lai - 11th Most Improved in QLD with a massive 338 point rating jump
  • Jeremy Zhang - 21st Most Improved in QLD with an impressive 278 point jump
Also special mentions to the following who landed on the Queensland Most Active List:
  • Paul Sang Yum (5th)
  • Gorden Hu (14th)
  • William Zhao (18th)
  • Theo Appel (23rd)
  • Alisa and William Lai (=25th)

That’s a lot of chess!

Looking forward to a huge 2024 for Somerset Chess!

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