Somerset College proves itself as the top school in the South Queensland School Conference winning the overall points trophy. This years Trophy Regatta saw 14 Schools compete at Wyaralong Dam on June 4. With strong competition in all the events it was important all crews put in their best performance of the Term Two season to bring home the Overall Points Trophy.

The day started perfectly with the Year 8 Girls Quads winning Gold and Silver in their quad races and Callum Miles winning Bronze in the Year 10 Boys Single Scull. The Year 8 Boys then won their Quad race, which was their first win for the season, a great time to pull out their best result. Nathalie Brown and Emelia Fink won Silver in the Open Schoolgirl Double Scull and Georgia Daly followed that with a Bronze in the Open Schoolgirl Single Scull. For the Open Schoolboy Single Sculls, Callum McClure won Gold which was another outstanding row improving on previous races with Thomas Gray winning Bronze.

When the winds picked up the race officials made the decision to cancel all remaining Year 8 events which spoilt Somerset College's chance of winning back the Andrew Butler Trophy for overall Girls points and at risk of missing out on the overall Trophy too. But with a Bronze medal for the Year 10 Boys Quad of Jake Phillips, Callum Miles, Bowen Mansell, Luke Oishi, and Jack Hodge, followed by a Silver Medal for the Open Schoolgirl Quad of Eliza Strong, Georgia Daly, Nathalie Brown, Emelia Fink, and Natalia Zotti it was going to come down to the last few races. Jack Hodge and Max Ward-Harvey won Bronze in the Year 9 Schoolboy Double with Luke Oishi winning Gold in the Year 9 Schoolboy Single Scull. For the Year 9 Schoolgirl doubles, Brooke Bowden and Alanja Thomson won Silver and Noa Chester-Haviv and D D Dai won Bronze. When the final tally was added up it was only five points separating us from Trinity Lutheran College. I have no doubt that by scoring points for the Second Senior Girls Quad of Lillian Tan, Momo Uchida, Maya Pearse, Sage Stevenson, and Esme Fink we were able to win the overall Trophy and celebrate as the best School in the South Queensland School Rowing Conference.

Rowers will celebrate the results at the Presentation Dinner on July 26 and switch training to focus on the School State Championships in Bundaberg from September 17 to 19. It’s never too late to join the rowing program as we search to get stronger and stronger. If you are up for the challenge, make sure you give it a go.

South Queensland Schools Conference Trophy Regatta Results

Overall Points Trophy – Steve Hinchy Trophy – Somerset College

Year 8 Schoolgirl Champions – Somerset College

Year 8 Schoolboy Champions – Somerset College

Open Schoolgirl Champions – Somerset College

Gold Medal

Open Schoolboy Single Scull Division 1 – Callum McClure

Year 9 Boys Single Scull Division 2 – Luke Oishi

Year 8 Boys Quad Scull Division 1 – Will Hoult, Byron Taylor, Benji Strong, Angus Riddle

Year 8 Girls Quad Scull Division 2 – Brooke Bowden, Alanja Thomasson, Maddi McLaughlin, Natalia Zotti

Silver Medal

Open Schoolgirl Quad Scull Division 1 – Emelia Fink, Nathalie Brown, Georgia Daly, Eliza Strong

Open Schoolgirl Double Scull Division 1 – Nathalie Brown and Emelia Fink

Year 9 Schoolgirl Double Scull Division 2 – Brooke Bowden and Alanja Thomasson

Year 8 Girls Quad Scull Division 1 – Isabella Vujanovic, Audrey Cirocco, Aanika Soni, Livi Budd

Year 8 Girls Quad Scull Division 2 – Esther Fink, Tamar Chester-Haviv, Camilla Guthrie, Noa Chester-Haviv

Bronze Medal

Open Schoolgirl Single Scull Division 1– Georgia Daly

Open Schoolboy Single Scull Division 2 – Thomas Gray

Year 10 Boys Quad Scull Division 1 – Luke Oishi, Bowen Mansell, Callum Miles, Jake Phillips

Year 10 Boys Single Scull Division 1 – Callum Miles

Year 9 Boys Double Scull Division 2 – Max Ward-Harvey and Jack Hodge

Year 9 Schoolgirl Double Scull Division 2 – Duo Duo Dai and Noa Chester-Haviv

Year 8 Boys Quad Scull Division 2 – Michael Zeng, Xavier Foster, Luis Pearse, Hugo Derksema

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