A new year brings a new wave of talent into the rowing shed.

The pre-season training of Term One is well under way with 30 new rowers picking up oars for the first time and learning how to move a boat. Not many people know that Somerset College has a Boatshed at Bond University with access to the Mermaid Waters canals that join on to the Nerang River. It’s one of the best kept secrets as we have access to some of the best training water in the country. Moving a boat across the water is a unique skill set and a fantastic way to start or finish the day. If the rowers are not out on the water, you will see them working hard in the gym working on their strength and fitness.

It’s never too late to join up and the shed is welcome to all Senior School students from Year 7 to Year 12. We have a capsize drill at the School Pool on February 11 from 10 am with an information session in the Pool Function Room at 11.00am. All are welcome. 

If you have any questions, please email Head of Rowing – Peer Richards [email protected]

This year Rowing Captains Eliza Strong and Bowen Mansell will be leading the team to the Trophy Regatta on June 10 as we defend winning the Overall Trophy last year. The school needs as many athletes to compete with each result counting for points. In September we will also be heading back to Bucca Weir for the Queensland Schools State Championships to see if we can improve our top ten performance on the medal tally last year.

After the success of the Interhouse Indoor Rowing Competition in 2022, make sure you keep practising your 500m ergo and relay transitions as the Relay will return in Term Four. Can Veivers continue to retain the Roberts Family Trophy or will another house find a way to stop six year long run.

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