Last week Somerset Spartans Futsal Club played Round 2 of the Gold Coast Futsal Competitions. Please read on for a few match reports.

Under 8 Pink and Under 8 Black

Under 8s Pink played against our very own Under 9 Black side. The teams put in an amazing effort, showing relentless defence and fierce determination. Despite defeat Under 8 Pink did not did not let Blacks win easily. The winners were forced to work hard for their points and made a few spills and tumbles trying to get past the intense defence of our Under 8 girls.

It was a clear improvement on the previous weeks game, with girls getting the opportunity to take a few penalty shots and having more time in their goal half.

Well done to both teams.

Under 8 Blue

Under 8 Blue beat Palm Beach Sharks 11 to 6 at Robina La Liga with Benedict Thompson, Alex Pourre, Edward Hassett, Henry Pevy, Hugo Hasselle, Izaak Barclay.

The team played a great game against their skilful opponents, showing some great passing, defending and use of the wings as well as individual on the ball skills. A fast-moving game with plenty of goals from each side.

More important than the goals was the boys’ attitude. Self-belief was never far away, and whenever the Sharks scored, the Spartans were quick to retaliate with at least one more in reply. Coach Maarten rotated players giving each player a chance at goal, attack and providing them a breadth to their skills and appreciation of the team.

There were plenty of shots at goal with the marksmanship improving. Highlights: * a hat-trick from Alex within the first 10 minutes; * Isaacs’s trademark aerial passes which set up Edward and Ben to score screaming goals having found space in front of the goal; * some solid defence work with Henry putting in some effective challenges; and * moving the ball around the pitch and finding space is definitely improving and Hugo and Benedict amongst others covering the pitch effectively and providing great opportunities.

Most impressive was the 100 per cent commitment they all demonstrated. The team showed great skills, teamwork and sportsmanship playing some tough opposition, encouraging each other, and “shaking” elbows with the Sharks at the end.

They have adapted quickly to the indoor game with a much smaller ball and playing area. Well done!

Spartan goal scorers: - Alex 6, Edward 2, Izaak, Ben and Hugo 1 each.

Under 8 White

Off the back of a very decent first game of the season, the boys were eager to go again. However, this week’s match was considerably tougher. This did not deter the boys who gave 110 per cent for the whole game.

Due to the quality of the opposition we spent a lot of the game defending. This was done extremely well from everyone with a special shoutout to Lachlan making his debut in the second half and making many crucial tackles. Despite this, we had several chances on the counterattack and were unlucky not to score at least a few, with some well strung together attacks from Sion, Reuben and Oli. We also witnessed some outstanding goalkeeping performances from the boys stopping some almost certain goals. A special mention for Franklin’s solid efforts as well as Louis' ability to make multiple saves with his stomach and forehead!

Overall, the result was harsh but there were promising moments within the game that we will build on in the upcoming weeks.

Under 8 Green and Under 8 Orange

The Green team kicked off Round 2 with a highly anticipated match against the Somerset Orange side. Proving to be a tight contest from the get-go, the Green team took the lead midway through the first-half, courtesy of Hunter. The goal reflected improved attacking play from the previous week as the boys pressed high on the oppositions defence.

Shortly after, the opposition found an equaliser bringing the score to 1-all. Despite some impressive defence from Brayden and Dylan, nothing was going to stop Hamish’s rocket of a shot. The boy’s played out the second half, creating some close opportunities from time to time, but a goal was to no avail.

The Green team exhibited much improved positional play and a better understanding of the game, keeping it tight to secure the draw.

Overall, a fair result and great game to all that played. Well done Green team!

Under 9

Somerset's Under 9s took out Supa Strikers 18 to 1. The match started with an early strip of the ball and a quick goal by Harper in the first 30 seconds. This set the tone for the rest of the match.

It became apparent our boys had played together for longer and had superior individual skills, combined with better shape on the court and decision making. The half time score was 10-nil. The rules were changed in the second half where the boys were forced to perform five passes and a switch play prior to attempting a goal. It was a good opportunity for the team to refine their play, improving communication among players and switching their positions to improve their versatility and all-round skills. The boys embraced this and ended up winning 18 to 1.

The sole Supa Striker goal was an outstanding effort with a flick/lob into the net. For Somerset, all players scored with a couple achieving hat-tricks. The team is certainly playing well together and should advance deep into the competition

Under 10

The Under 10 ad a bye this week and will be in action next week.

Under 11

Somerset Spartans Under 11s played Gold Coast United at Carrara with Bailey, Sabastian, Nash, Caspar, Jacob and Dash.

The boys versed an all-girls team who put the pressure on from the start. Nash opened the goal scoring which was followed by an amazing header into the goals by Sabastian to secure our second goal of the game.

It was great to have Caspar join the team this week. Jacob’s defence and attacking play was consistent throughout the entire game and he had some great attempts at goal but the opposition’s goalie unfortunately kept saving them. Fantastic effort Jacob.

Both teams’ goalies were very strong but our superstar goalie Dash delivered again making some amazing saves as always. The girls continued to put the pressure on our boys showing some strong foot work and skills which secured them a goal just before half time, with the scoreboard 3 to 1 for Somerset.

The second half Caspar came in strong scoring a goal within the first 30 secs quickly followed by a goal from Bailey. The boys all showed great teamwork, especially Dash and Jacob who never gave up and at on stage worked so hard together to save a goal from the girls that unfortunately snuck through. The teamwork and determination from these two boys were great to watch.

Caspar and Bailey came so close to their second goals of the game but again the goalie came out on top. Bailey and Sabastian also worked so well together to set up an amazing pass, one by Bailey to Sabastian who kicked his third goal of the game. This was quickly followed by a fourth goal for Sabastian, what a great goal scoring tally for him! It was a great game to watch, fast paced and full of excitement.

Gold Coast United made our Spartans work hard the entire game but the final score was 7 to 2 to Somerset Spartans. A great win by the U11 boys. Well done. Spartan goal scorers: - Sabastian - 4, Nash -1, Caspar -1, Bailey – 1.

Under 13

Somerset's Under 13s took on the Strikers at Robina High. It was a great experience for everyone. While the score line was unfortunate, reflecting an 11 to two loss, there were many moments in the game the boys can be proud off, with some amazing goalkeeping, defending and shots to score our two goals. A great effort from our U13s!

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