The first Gold Coast Junior Council meeting of 2023 took place February 22, in the Council Chambers and was an especially exciting event for our Somerset College student representatives!

The City of Gold Coast Junior Council is a two-year civic leadership programme which gives two students in Years 10 and 11 the opportunity to actively participate in their local community.

Some key components of the Junior Council programme include developing an understanding of local government, networking with peers and city council members from across the Gold Coast, and actively participating in important decision-making processes. The students are also offered various volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Our two new Year 10 representatives, Emma Warwick and Abigail Brinkworth, turned up for their first ever meeting bright and early on the rainy Friday morning, accompanied by our returning Year 11 students, Hayeon Byun and Avie Rounsley.

As is tradition for the first meeting of the year, the event began with a handover ceremony in the Council Chambers. Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate farewelled the 2022 Executive Committee and inducted the new 2023 committee into the chambers.

We were delighted to watch our very own Hayeon Byun be presented with her badge and be inducted into the 2023 Gold Coast Junior Council Executive Committee. This prestigious position will allow Hayeon to support the new Junior Mayor and Junior Deputy Mayor in the implementation of the Junior Council program, promoting opportunities for students and being a mentor to the other representatives. Congratulations to Hayeon!

The rest of the day was spent welcoming the new Year 10 representatives, and explaining all of the opportunities that will be available throughout the year. It was enlightening to hear that some recent state legislation was originally based on proposals from past Junior Councils! It really shows that this program is making a difference for our community.

Congratulations again to our four student representatives – we cannot wait to see your local impact throughout this year!

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