Over the past few weeks, the Somerset Spartans Junior Boys Tennis team has been on the courts for an exhilarating time with Coach Lachie (Treacher) and Mrs Rowe, bright and early at 7.00am on Monday mornings. As the sun starts slowly rising, the team trains harder and harder.

Compared to the rest of the deserted school, one place seems like a huge party- the Tennis Courts! After training, everyone agrees that we are all exhausted from waking up early but faces red and hands sweaty, when the bell rings for class we all wish training could continue.

Every Monday the training consists of intense competitions, up-skilling, striving to beat anyone in our path but most importantly, Somerset Spartans Sportsmanship. Coach Lachie and Mrs Rowe have taught us not only to win our matches but to win them fairly and to shake hands after a match. They have taught us about sportsmanship as an ethical value.

The training every week is phenomenal. The creativity in each activity is well thought out and at the same time is a lot of fun. For example, we had an extremely close and intense game of, 'throw and catch the ball' to test our co-ordination in tennis. If you don’t throw and catch the ball 60 times in the time of one minute and 30 seconds, you get a punishment so lethal, so petrifying that it will be in every one of your nightmares… SHAME! (Scary, I know!)

With the term flying away from us, the Junior Boys Tennis team has already had two matches and the qualities we have all been improving could be clearly seen. Our Tennis team has united as one and surely, we have many more matches to win in the forthcoming competition.


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