Numerous Year 4, 5 and 6 students participated in the Somerset Junior School Public Speaking afternoon last Thursday. Public Speaking is such an important skill that enables you to confidently present ideas to others in an entertaining and interesting way. Speaking well takes preparation, thought, research, creativity and practice.

Speakers presented in front of their peers on all kinds of subjects such as - If Animals could Talk; Laughter is the Best Medicine; In Someone Else’s Shoes; Unsolved Mysteries and  Australia’s Greatest National Treasure.

Students were adjudicated by teachers and Speaker of the Afternoon was presented in each Room. The competition was strong, so we especially congratulate the students below:

Year 4
  • Sophie Tielens
  • Siena Mainali
  • Anvita Srivasta
Year 5
  • Svara Mutalithas
  • Kasia Pitura
  • Mila Oldfield
Year 6
  • Annabel Bartley
  • Paris Liu
  • Angela Sun

Congratulations to every student who was brave enough to stand up and entertain their crowd.

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